The Subconscious Mind Does The Job

In order to allow our thoughts to influence the cosmic consciousness and to attract and manifest our desires we need to introduce them into the subconscious level of our mind. While the conscious mind carries out reasoning and logical thinking, it also directs the subconscious mind, which is responsible for the communication with the universal consciousness at the quantum level. In other words, we think with the conscious mind while it programs the subconscious mind that, in turn, executes the program. A key process of programming the subconscious mind is therefore to convince the logical mind in order for it to instruct the subconscious mind. We can only program the subconscious mind with ideas that we believe in, which is why alignment between our desires and beliefs is important. It is very difficult to manifest something that we are not convinced of, or something that we feel insecure about in any way. The Manifestation Code ( provides the blueprint to program the subconscious with our desire. This will initiate the universal attraction process to materialize the desire into reality.
Use MINDSYNC to Reach Deeper Meditation & Altered States of Consciousness


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