Create Your Destiny

It is essential to understand that the situation in which you are confined to today is only one of an unlimited number of different conditions. More important is to realize that you can start impoving this condition right now. Your current life situation is a direct result of your past thoughts and actions, and only you can change it. In other words, you are the responsible for, and the creator of, your destiny. Once you have decided on where you want to be and learned how to get there, no one will be able to hinder or stop you from fulfilling your dream life. The Manifestation Code is the vehicle that can transport you from your current state into your desired state of being and living. Mastering the Manifestation Code has for this reason often been described as one of the most empowering experiences in life - the moment when you truly take charge of your own destiny. []

Modern Science

The validity of the Hermetic principles and the Manifestation Code are today backed by science. Quantum physics explains that everything is made of vibrating energy in a state of unlimited potential. Thoughts and desires are simply non-physical realities, produced by our neurological circuits, that have yet to be manifested in the physical world. To manifest our thoughts and desires into physical reality we only need to use the most powerful manifestation tool, our brain, to focus our thought energy through a precise sequence of actions. The Manifestation Code is the scientifically proven blueprint on how to create our reality with our thoughts. [The Manifestation Code]

Ancient Wisdom

The Manifestation Code, the key for the practical implementation of the Law of Attraction, was initially developed by the Greeks and Egyptians through the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. These teachings have been preserved until today in the Kybalion book that was written by three anonymous philosophers in 1912. The Hermetic principles where given by the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thot, according to the Kybalion, and are eternal and unchangeable at all levels of existence; the principles provide the key ingredients for the process of mind - matter manifestation. [The Manifestation Code]


Many books have been written about the Law of Attraction, and most of these provide a good introduction to the vary basic principles of mind - matter manifestation phenomena. However, most of these writings leave the reader with the belief that the only thing needed is to visualize the desired state in order to bring it into manifestation. This will unfortunately only turn into a fruitless endeavour because of the incomplete practical guidance on how to think and act in order to produce the desired result.

The Manifestation Code is indeed a code of mind - matter manifestations, that will guide you through a precise sequence of actions, inevitably leading to the manifestation of your intended goals and desires. The Manifestation Code takes you through several distinct phases of intertwined actions that will first define your goals, and then generate the energetic momentum for attraction. The Code will finally prepare the ground for their manifestation and guide you on how to seize the ultimate moment of intended opportunity. You will now transcend into a new life.


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