The Power of Positive Feelings

Intention is an object or goal that we have determined to realize through specific actions. Intention requires energy to bring it into manifestation through the Law of Attraction, and this energy is provided by the unconscious mind through our positive emotions. You can greatly increase this energy by consciously associating and fueling your desires with positive emotions. The more good you feel about an intended outcome and yourself, the more energy you are providing to the subconscious mind to influence the universe to attract the manifestation of your desires. It really is meaningless to try to manifest a desire when you don’t have strong and positive feelings about it. That is why it is important to be in a positive emotional state to attract a desire. Inner alignment and congruency between thoughts and feelings are therefore essential. The more positive feelings you can have about yourself and your desires, the easier and faster you’ll experience your desires spontaneously manifesting into your world. In the practical part of The Manifestation Code we will look at how to ensure congruency between desires and feelings and how to elevate the emotional state to higher and more positive vibration levels.

Optimized Law of Attraction Manual

Much has been written about the Law of Attraction and numerous books are available on the topic. The Manifestation Code is, however, not just another “Law of Attraction” book or workshop. It is differentiated from the other writings by focusing on how to significantly increase the success rate of the user’s manifestation processes. The Manifestation Code does not only provide some historic background on how the knowledge of manifestation processes were first conceived and spread in our world, but also provide detailed scientific theories on how the process actually works at the quantum mechanical and neurophysiological level. The importance of this is that when you understand how something functions, whether that is the engine of a car, the construction of a house or manifesting your desires with the Law of Attraction, you will be more successful in performing it. The Manifestation Code scholars have outlined the manifestation process in a step-by-step fashion that will greatly facilitate the implementation of the method and hence the manifestation of your desires. This stepwise guide along with the workbook, the manifestation log journal and manifestation enhancers such as the visualization system and the brain entrainment system, will set your manifestation process on autopilot without you having to figure everything out yourself.

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