Maintain a Positive Mind-Set and Feeling

A variety of exercises exist to nourish and maintain a positive mind-set. Here we will introduce you to some of the most effective. Use the positive attitude log in the exercise book to maintain a log of at least one positive event for every day.

The rubber band method, through negative reinforcement, can be used to condition your mind in order to enhance focus on positive things in your life, and not the negative elements. Place a rubber band around your wrist. Snap the rubber band each time a negative feeling or thought enters your mind. This will result in your mind associating pain with negative thinking and it will therefore be avoided only allowing positive thoughts to occupy your mind.

A powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) –based technique to diminish negative thoughts, or memories, requires you to imagine the negative thought as a picture in your mind. Next, imagine that picture losing its color and becoming smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. If it is a phrase, then hear it in your mind while the volume diminishes until it disappears. In this way you can lessen the importance of the negative thought and instruct your subconscious mind to let go of it.

Transmutate negative thoughts and feelings with positive. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, immediately and actively replace it with a positive thought. This will require a continous heightened awareness of what you are thinking about in order to recognize those negative thought patterns immediately. One way to facilitate this is to make a journal with positive memories and events that have the ability to change your mood from bad to good, and memorize these. Each time a negative thought or feeling appears you will easily refocus on a positive thought and thereby change your feeling and emotional state.

Laughter is extremely beneficial for our health and emotional state since it leads to a feeling of joy. In fact, laughter therapy is regularly used for healing purposes. Laughter is also extremely powerful in transforming from a negative to a positive emotional state. Some ways to induce laughter are to think of funny situations, watch funny scenes (i.e. candid camera stories) or read anecdotes. Laughing in front of the mirror is particularly powerful since you will also see yourself in the positive state and this will send a very powerful signal to your subconscious mind. Use the positive attitude log in the exercise book to maintain a log of at least one positive event for every day.

Associating and socializing with positive and focused individuals will boost your energy and improve your mood, in contrast to being around complaining and uninspiring people who can drain your valuable energy.

When a worry or other negative thought or feeling enters your mind, write it down on a piece of paper and then either throw it in the trash or ignite it with a match and watch the worry and negative thought dissipate into flames. Through this practice you will instruct the universe that you have resolved and rejected the negative feeling or event that caused it.

We have learned that according to the Hermetic principle of polarity everything has two opposite pole. Adversities, or negative events, will accordingly also have a positive side that in many ways can be useful for us. The key is to transform, or transmutate, the negative to a positive event by realizing it and focus on these useful aspects. Each negative experience will, for example, teach you something, make you more experienced and promote your development. When something negative happens and you become aware of it, start to actively identify positive aspects of this event, and then shift your focus from the negative to these positive elements.

Purchase a legal notepad and write out this mantra 500 times; “I feel good and only positive things happen in my life”. Do it for three weeks with regular practice and feel that this particular quality is developing.

The Sequential Process of Conditioning

The sequential process of manifesting your desires aims at the conditioning of your mind to influence the universal law or attrcation, and bring your desires into reality.

Consistency and Persistence are Keys to Success

To get ahead with the manifestation of your desires you need to implement a program, a consistent conditioning of your mind and inner universe. Set aside at least 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening before bedtime for spiritual development and your manifestation project. Meditate, visualize, and practice affirmations and manifestation rituals. Be as consistent as possible with the timing of these activities and perform them in a quite space where you will remain undisturbed. Make smaller breaks during the day during which you can work on your manifestation project. Learn more at

The Manifestation Process

Here is a schematic overview of the different stages and conditioners of the manifestation process. The Manifestation Code ( is a blueprint for the integrated implementation of the different stages that lead to the manifestation of the intended desire.

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