Magick - An Ancient Manifestation System

Humans have throughout history used a variety of techniques, both mental and physical, to influence the universal consciousness. The Hermetic Principles were inherited by the alchemists that developed them further and laid the grounds for what we call today Magick. While alchemy has been associate with negative and rather dark practices, true alchemy is essentially all about the evolution of human consciousness, or the soul and spirit. Alchemy is about the transmutation of negative human attributes to their corresponding positive attributes. Magick, which is based on alchemy, can be defined as any act designed to cause intentional change. With Magick, one can train the mind to focus and direct energy to create change. Meditation, breath control, visualization and rituals are integral parts of Magick and designed to sense and harness these subtle energies.
One very interesting feature of Magick, which is taught in The Manifestation Code, is the use of symbols, or rituals. These are the language of the unconscious, and represent an approach to unleash tremendous powers. Although we may not be able to fully explain to you how symbols work, we know from experience that certain symbols can boost the manifestation process tremendously if performed appropriately. The symbols and rituals will frequently, metaphorically represent the type of energy, matter, or situation, which you want to attract into your life; remember that like attracts like through quantum resonance. In fact, the principle of sympathetic Magick, one of the oldest and most commonly practiced forms of Magick, teaches attracting something into manifestation by working with things linked to it.

The Magic Of Quantum Physics

According to Bohm’s theory the subatomic particles, or quanta, are able to remain in contact with one another in spite of the distance separating them. This is because they are not really separated at a deeper level; the particles are simply extensions, or different aspects, of the same fundamental something. To better explain his theory, Bohm used the following metaphoric illustration. Imagine a fish aquarium that can only be observed through two video cameras, one directed at the side and the other directed at the front of the aquarium. While looking at the two monitors the pictures may initially seem to come from two different aquariums, but after a while a certain coordination and relationship in the movement of fish in the two monitors will become apparent.
Everything in the universe is a seamless web and even time and space are not separate. In this super-hologram, the past, present, and future exist simultaneously. Other studies showed also shown that an infinite number of parallel universes exist, and that everything exists concurrently as an infinite number of parallel realities prior to observation. Learn more about the scientific basis of teh Law Of Attrcation, and how to use this knowledge to manifest any desire in: The Manifestation Code []

The Creation Of The Code

While modern science has made great advances in explaining the reality of our world and mind, this understanding has existed for thousands of years. Similarly, the universal manifestation code is not something that was invented recently, or even since the discovery of the laws of modern quantum physics, but is much more ancient than what you would have imagined. In fact, it is not exactly known when the different parts of The Manifestation Code ( were formulated and put together into an integrated system that could be used, practically, to direct manifestation processes.

The Subconscious Mind Does The Job

In order to allow our thoughts to influence the cosmic consciousness and to attract and manifest our desires we need to introduce them into the subconscious level of our mind. While the conscious mind carries out reasoning and logical thinking, it also directs the subconscious mind, which is responsible for the communication with the universal consciousness at the quantum level. In other words, we think with the conscious mind while it programs the subconscious mind that, in turn, executes the program. A key process of programming the subconscious mind is therefore to convince the logical mind in order for it to instruct the subconscious mind. We can only program the subconscious mind with ideas that we believe in, which is why alignment between our desires and beliefs is important. It is very difficult to manifest something that we are not convinced of, or something that we feel insecure about in any way. The Manifestation Code ( provides the blueprint to program the subconscious with our desire. This will initiate the universal attraction process to materialize the desire into reality.
Use MINDSYNC to Reach Deeper Meditation & Altered States of Consciousness

Dr. Pereira, a neurobiologist at São Paulo State University, has developed a very interesting model on how our holographic consciousness is related to the universal hologram, or consciousness, based on Pribram’s and Bohm’s theories. According to his theory, the “quantumholoinformational” nature of the universe interconnects each brainconsciousness with all the information that is stored in the holographic patterns of the whole universe, in an indivisible informational cosmic unity. Dr. Pereira has suggested that this universal informational interconnectedness can metaphorically be expressed with the following quotations from various spiritual traditions: As above so below (Alchemy). All that is outside is inside (Upanishads). The father is inside us (Christianity). As in the earth so in the heavens (Christianity).
Practices of deep meditation, prayer, and other approaches to reach states of higher consciousness, will elevate the coherence of cerebral brain waves with the universal interconnectedness. Brain mapping studies have shown that this highly synchronized harmonic state of meditation leads to brain waves that are perfectly ordered, in a unique harmonic wave, as if all frequencies of all neurons from all cerebral centers played the same symphony. Hence, the connection between our neuronal quantum consciousness and the universe can be enhanced and optimized through practices of deep meditation, prayer, and other states of higher consciousness. Learn how to harness your quantum brain power through The Manifestation Code, to manifest your desires at:

The Unique Features Of The Manifestation Code

Much has been written about the Law of Attraction and numerous books are available on the topic. This is, however. not just another “Law of Attraction” book or workshop. We have differentiated this work from the other writings by focusing on how to significantly increase the success rate of the user’s manifestation processes. In this work, we not only provide some historic background on how the knowledge of manifestation processes were first conceived and spread in our world, but we also provide detailed scientific theories on how the process actually works at the quantum mechanical and neurophysiological level. The importance of this is that when you understand how something functions, whether that is the engine of a car, the construction of a house or manifesting your desires, you will be more successful in performing it. We have finally outlined the manifestation process in a step-by-step fashion that will greatly facilitate the implementation of the method and hence the manifestation of your desires. This stepwise guide along with the workbook, the manifestation log journal and manifestation enhancers such as the visualization system and the brain entrainment system, will set your manifestation process on autopilot without you having to figure everything out yourself. Anyone can now become enlightened with the secret knowledge of manifestations, with:

The Manifestation Code (

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