The Magic Of Quantum Physics

According to Bohm’s theory the subatomic particles, or quanta, are able to remain in contact with one another in spite of the distance separating them. This is because they are not really separated at a deeper level; the particles are simply extensions, or different aspects, of the same fundamental something. To better explain his theory, Bohm used the following metaphoric illustration. Imagine a fish aquarium that can only be observed through two video cameras, one directed at the side and the other directed at the front of the aquarium. While looking at the two monitors the pictures may initially seem to come from two different aquariums, but after a while a certain coordination and relationship in the movement of fish in the two monitors will become apparent.
Everything in the universe is a seamless web and even time and space are not separate. In this super-hologram, the past, present, and future exist simultaneously. Other studies showed also shown that an infinite number of parallel universes exist, and that everything exists concurrently as an infinite number of parallel realities prior to observation. Learn more about the scientific basis of teh Law Of Attrcation, and how to use this knowledge to manifest any desire in: The Manifestation Code []


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