Magick - An Ancient Manifestation System

Humans have throughout history used a variety of techniques, both mental and physical, to influence the universal consciousness. The Hermetic Principles were inherited by the alchemists that developed them further and laid the grounds for what we call today Magick. While alchemy has been associate with negative and rather dark practices, true alchemy is essentially all about the evolution of human consciousness, or the soul and spirit. Alchemy is about the transmutation of negative human attributes to their corresponding positive attributes. Magick, which is based on alchemy, can be defined as any act designed to cause intentional change. With Magick, one can train the mind to focus and direct energy to create change. Meditation, breath control, visualization and rituals are integral parts of Magick and designed to sense and harness these subtle energies.
One very interesting feature of Magick, which is taught in The Manifestation Code, is the use of symbols, or rituals. These are the language of the unconscious, and represent an approach to unleash tremendous powers. Although we may not be able to fully explain to you how symbols work, we know from experience that certain symbols can boost the manifestation process tremendously if performed appropriately. The symbols and rituals will frequently, metaphorically represent the type of energy, matter, or situation, which you want to attract into your life; remember that like attracts like through quantum resonance. In fact, the principle of sympathetic Magick, one of the oldest and most commonly practiced forms of Magick, teaches attracting something into manifestation by working with things linked to it.


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