Dr. Pereira, a neurobiologist at São Paulo State University, has developed a very interesting model on how our holographic consciousness is related to the universal hologram, or consciousness, based on Pribram’s and Bohm’s theories. According to his theory, the “quantumholoinformational” nature of the universe interconnects each brainconsciousness with all the information that is stored in the holographic patterns of the whole universe, in an indivisible informational cosmic unity. Dr. Pereira has suggested that this universal informational interconnectedness can metaphorically be expressed with the following quotations from various spiritual traditions: As above so below (Alchemy). All that is outside is inside (Upanishads). The father is inside us (Christianity). As in the earth so in the heavens (Christianity).
Practices of deep meditation, prayer, and other approaches to reach states of higher consciousness, will elevate the coherence of cerebral brain waves with the universal interconnectedness. Brain mapping studies have shown that this highly synchronized harmonic state of meditation leads to brain waves that are perfectly ordered, in a unique harmonic wave, as if all frequencies of all neurons from all cerebral centers played the same symphony. Hence, the connection between our neuronal quantum consciousness and the universe can be enhanced and optimized through practices of deep meditation, prayer, and other states of higher consciousness. Learn how to harness your quantum brain power through The Manifestation Code, to manifest your desires at: http://www.manifestcodes.com/


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