The Manifestation Code System: Access To The Public

Access and use the most comprehensive manifestation system that has been developed to date. The Manifestation Code is delivered through the following five fully integrated modules that that will teach and guide you on how to change reality towards the manifestation of your desires:
1. Theoretical Guide
The theoretical guide addresses the history and science behind the Manifestation Code - the most powerful approach for using The Law of Attraction to manifest your desires. Here we will also outline the integrated stages of the manifestation process and explain how they synergistically can influence and move the coarse of events towards the manifestation of desires.

2. Practical Manual
The practical manual is a step-by-step guide on how to implement the Manifestation Code to define, request and finally manifest your desires. This practical manual is perfectly integrated with with the theoretical guide and the manifestation project work book.

3. Work Book / Manifestation Journal
The work book contains a comprehensive series of exercises and log journals for your manifestation projects. Active engagement is a key ingredient of the manifestation process; it enhances the emotional vibration and creates a strong commitment to manifest your goals. The work book is fully integrated with the practical manual.

4. Wealth & Prosperity Visualization System
This visualization-based subliminal programming system has been specially designed to elicit the manifestation of wealth and prosperity when used as an integral component of the system.

5. Brainwave Wealth & Prosperity Programming System
This binaural beat subliminal programming system consists of five mp3 binaural beats that have been designed to elicit brain entrainment states that will stimulate the manifestation of wealth and prosperity.


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